From Diera,

Diera Bachir Photography was created with an intention to realizing your dream-like fantasies through our lenses. We believed that amazing pictures are not only about taking beautiful and breathtaking images but also a form of delivering emotions in those moments we captured. So that when you see those pictures in years ahead of time, you can remind yourself –and your future grown family, that those magical moments were there and how valuable they are for you.

We also believe that everything is going to be a little happier with a touch of love. That might (or might not) show a little in all of our photos –I think our pictures tend to have a romantic aura. And that’s also what we always try to implement in this little family we have as a team. Everything is all about love and a form of care for each other.

We also being so grateful for everyone who shows support and love towards this little nest we called our little project. And do not ever hesitate to get in touch with us anytime, we’d love to hear from you about things we can make together in the future!

Warm love, Diera.